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Creating a PDF File Optimized for Web View

Linearize a PDF file so that the first page in the Web browser is quickly loaded when sending a PDF file.

Ordinarily, when viewing a multi-page PDF file, the Web browser loads all pages before collectively displaying them in the screen. Therefore, it may take some time to display multi-page PDF file in the screen.

If a PDF file is linearized on this machine, the Web browser displays only the first page of a PDF file in the screen before loading all pages.

To create a PDF file optimized for Web view, select [PDF] or [Compact PDF] as the file type, then set [PDF Web Optimization] to ON in [PDF Detail Setting] (default: OFF).

  • To use this function, an option is required. For details on the required option, refer to Here.

  • Some Web browsers may load all pages of a PDF file before displaying them in the screen, even for linearized PDFs.

  • [PDF Web Optimization Default Settings] (Here)