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Enlarge Display Function

Switching to Enlarge Display mode

When you tap [Enlarge Display] in the side menu on the classic-style screen, you can enlarge text on the screen of this machine.

This function configures a screen layout focused on commonly used functions, enabling a user who has difficulty viewing the normal screen to easily perform operations. To return to the normal screen, tap [Enlarge Display] again.

  • Configuring Enlarge Display operations (Here)

  • Inverting the screen display color (Here)

  • [Enlarge Display Settings] (Here)

About main menu of Enlarge Display

When you tap the home key () during Enlarge Display mode, the main menu is displayed. You can change from the main menu to each function or setting screen.




Displays the main screen in copy mode.

For details, refer to Here.


Displays the main screen in scan/fax mode.

For details, refer to Here.


Displays the main screen in fax mode.

The fax mode only provides fax functions of the functions that are available in the scan/fax mode. This mode enables you to quickly recall the target function when using a fax.

The fax mode has the following features.

  • Only fax destinations are displayed on the screen to enable destinations to be selected from the address book. Other types of destinations such as E-mail TX destinations are omitted from the list, so it is easy to find target fax destinations.

  • Only fax functions are displayed on the main screen or Application Setting screen. This makes it easier to search for fax setting functions.

This manual describes fax operation procedures in the scan/fax mode.


Specify accessibility options of the operating environment such as the adjustment of the Touch Panel or a change of the keying sounds.

For details, refer to Here.


Temporarily changes the language to be displayed on the panel.

This option is displayed when [Temporary Change Language Setting] (Here) is set to ON.


Displays information that is obtained by adding up the total number of pages printed on this machine by function.

For details, refer to Here.


Configure settings of this machine or check the use status of this machine.

Viewing icons in Enlarge Display mode

The following icons are displayed in Enlarge Display mode.



Tap this icon to enlarge the message currently displayed.

Indicates that there is a message related to a print error. Tap the icon to check the message and correct the error.

Indicates that there are messages related to consumables replacement or device maintenance. Tap this icon to check the message and perform the relevant replacement or maintenance procedure.

Tap this icon to recall the scan/fax program.