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System auto reset

To display:
  • [Utility]
    • [Administrator]
      • [System Settings]
        • [Reset Settings]
          • [System auto reset]

Select whether to reset all settings (except registered settings) when this machine has not been operated for a certain period of time.



[System auto reset function]

When using the system auto reset function, set this option to ON (default: ON).

[System Auto Reset Time]

Specify the time required to reset (default: [1] minute, available range: [1] to [9] minutes).

[Screen to display after Reset]

Select a screen that is to be displayed preferentially after resetting (default: [Main Menu]).

This setting is only applied to the classic style screens.

  • Log out of the Administrator Setting or User Auth/Account Track mode according to the time setting for [System Auto Reset Time] when user authentication/account track is active or the [Enhanced Security Mode] is enabled. When [System auto reset function] is set to OFF, you are logged out in 1 minute.